A beautiful and comfortable home,
effortlessly in time
A home that fits.

Focusing on natural materials,
building a house to live in

Inheriting traditional Japanese architecture

Katou Biken was founded in 1972,
We are a construction company that inherits traditional Japanese architecture.

Centering on Tokyo, Kanagawa and Shizuoka,
From custom-built detached houses to tea rooms, Sukiya,

We are working on hotels, shrines and temples.
A wooden construction professional who knows everything about the housing industry,

Let us help you create the perfect home.

About Kato Miken's house building


Assembled tea room

For those who want to build a tea room but are giving up due to budget and space concerns. We propose a full-fledged assembled tea room.


Waryu Rei


Taking the ryurei a step further, we devised a ryurei that looks like a person sitting down and performing tea ceremony.


tea room

伊東市 近藤邸② 茶室(設計施工)

Enjoying tea is a unique Japanese culture that was originally created to relax and heal the body and mind.


tea utensils

茶杓① 畠山記念館展(艸山造)

The representative, Kazushi Kato, has the name Sozan Kato, and is involved in the creation of tea scoops and flower vases.




Beautiful, safe, and effortless
Build a home that fits with the times.

My name is Miken Kato, and I have been in business for 47 years in Izu.
We are committed to making homes that are easy to live in by hand.

As a wooden construction professional,
We will help you realize your "dream".