A beautiful and comfortable home,
effortlessly in time
A home that fits.

About Kato Biken


There are various kinds of houses nowadays, but those who want to live in a wooden house are attracted by the warmth, fragrance and beauty of wood, which is a natural material, and live surrounded by trees. You will want to send it.

On the other hand, however, many people wanted only simple and cheap things, and as a result, they created houses using chemical products, plywood, and laminated wood, and created new diseases such as allergies and sick house syndrome. How much time and effort would it take to make industrial waste harmless to the human body?

And when these houses are demolished, there will be even more problems.

We are particular about using natural materials, and have been trying to build homes where everyone from the elderly to babies can live in comfort and peace of mind, and where they can continue to live for at least two generations.

I have heard this story from a customer.

When he was young, the equally spaced concrete beams looked very beautiful. However, when he saw the same place several years later, he felt something dirty. He thought it wasn't just because of his age. Solid wood becomes more beautiful as time passes. Originally, it was grown by soil, light, wind, water, etc., so if you use it properly, it will continue to live on the ground. Also, it is said that it takes 50 to 60 years for a tree to grow into a four-inch square pillar.

In order to protect nature and continue to build wooden houses, it is necessary to build a house that will last at least 60 years.
Generally, a house is built with a 20- to 30-year mortgage, but by building a house that can accommodate two generations, the family can live a comfortable and secure life.

I believe that we have to create attractive houses to keep.
We will continue to make unremitting efforts in order to create a beautiful and comfortable home that can be easily adapted to the needs of the times.

Company Profile

Company name Kato Biken
location 1371-40 Kawana, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture 414-0044
Contact information TEL:(+81)557-45-0195
Fax: (+81)557-45-0196

Kazushi Kato

Kazushi Kato, the representative of the company, has the name of Sozan Kato, and has created tea scoops and flower vases that have been published several times in the monthly tea ceremony magazine Nagomi.
Exhibited at Tachikichi's "Tsubaki Exhibition/Tachibana Exhibition". He held a solo exhibition at the Hatakeyama Memorial Museum.

Company formation April 1997 [Established June 1972]
number of employees 5 people
Construction details Traditional wooden architecture/Tea room/Sukiya architecture/Shrine architecture
Permit/License Construction license: Governor of Shizuoka No. 19900
Second-class architect office: Governor of Shizuoka registration No. (2) 7089

Access Map

〒414-0044 静岡県伊東市川奈1371-40


1972 Miken Kato founded
1989 Completion of Akazawa Kannondo in Odawara City
1994 Completion of Hojuji Temple in Odawara City
1997 Katomi Construction Co., Ltd.
1998 Tea scoop and flowers at the Hatakeyama Memorial Hall in Minato Ward Participating exhibition [The beauty of Soyama] held
1999 Completion of Meigetsu-an, a tea room in Daichuji, Numazu City
2000 Izunokuni City Sairinji Renovation Work Completed
2001 Kyoto Tachikichi Exhibited tea scoops and flower vases at the Tachibana Exhibition
2002 Kyoto Tachikichi Exhibited tea scoops and flower vases at the Camellia Exhibition
2007 Daichu-ji Temple in Numazu City [Great Heisei Restoration] Completed
2008 Ginza Gallery Miharaya
2009 Ginza Matsuya Held Yama no Chabi Exhibition

Book publishing

"How to build a good house taught by a master carpenter"

[Author] Kazushi Kato 《Mr. Miki Kato, President》
[Price including tax] 1,365 yen (body price 1,300 yen)
You can't build a good house by spending money!
A wooden construction professional who knows everything about the housing industry will teach you how to build a really good house.

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Tea Ceremony Magazine "Nagomi"
Multiple times such as tea scoop and tea room
Sekai Bunkasha
Multiple times, such as with flowers
"Weekly Asahi My Ideal House"
Asahi Shimbun Publishing
New Year 2002
FRONT, a water culture information magazine
Riverfront Maintenance Center
October 2002 Issue of Water Tool Magazine [Ladle] Ladle made of bamboo
"Let's build a house this year!"
May 2003
"House Creator Shizuoka"
Nomura Shoten